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For the first in our brand shiny new ‘Friendswithtapes’ guest post features, we caught up with Brooklyn’s Dave Sutton of Stadiums & Shrines to talk old stuff, new stuff, b-sides and SXSW.

Stadiums & Shrines is…

A sanctuary for those who dig how Sound & Vision connect. It runs on currents—whatever strikes my ears or Victoria’s eyes.

Stadiums & Shrines started when…

Michael Jackson performed at the Superbowl.

Five artists you’re listening to at the minute are…

Ela OrleansStarling MurmurationsTwo BicyclesDustin Wong, and Raw Thrills.

Any older stuff?

Taj Mahal’s Happy Just to Be Like I Am is the record right now. Also Histoire de Melody Nelson by Serge Gainsbourg, and Joni Mitchell’s Blue—cuz I’m missing California.

If Stadiums & Shrines created a time machine made-up from old vinyl and cassettes what year would it take people back to?

Maybe a selfish detour through France/West Berlin 1976 to be a fly on the studio wall while David Bowie and Brian Eno recorded Low. Then we could just land in 1966 and hang for the rest of the decade.

Best show so far this year…

The Pop Montreal/Gorilla Vs. Bear party on the last night of SXSW. Sean Nicholas Savage, Grimes, Colin Stetson, BRAIDS… that was special, everyone was exhausted but had these glowing smiles the entire night. It felt like friends collectively staying awake and getting high on music.

Favourite remix of the year so far…

Two done by Landon Speers for BRAIDS. “Lemonparty Bliss Out” happened the other day. The second one should soon. He does what I look for in remixes, pretty much a complete rebuild (picturing that scene in Terminator 2 when the dude explodes and his metal pieces like regenerate across the floor into a puddle). There’s an entirely different feeling to it, but enough DNA to trace back and compliment the original.

Favourite b-side of the year so far…

Hmm let’s go with “Young Dreams

What do you think the future holds for music blogger folks?

It’s wide open. A lot of the things we’re doing now (hosting shows, working directly with artists, supporting/starting labels, collaborating with each other) weren’t really in our minds when we started doing this. #MEGABLAAG at SXSW definitely captured a growing energy and took it to new, physical levels. It was a reminder that we’re all people after all—that’s an empowering notion for us Internet folks. Vibes are headed in good directions, especially with communal things like the FMLY, and all the projects that blogs have been coming together on lately.

Favourite album of the year so far…

The Magic Place by Julianna Barwick. It’s just really soothing. I’m drawn to it daily.

Do you have your own personal favourite post on Stadiums & Shrines?

The visual mixtape we did with Flashlight Tag. Working with all those talented people, and the end result… it was a dream.

What’s the best discovery you found in the Stadiums & Shrines inbox?

Gobble Gobble. Cecil Frena sent me the most sincere and entertaining email submission ever. It turned into a thread that went 20 messages deep, trading weird YouTube videos. And now like a year later, I can’t even begin to quantify all the great people and times that have spawned from knowing Cecil. Not to mention the Gobble guys have gone on to do incredible things, both online, and on tour.

Favourite black & white movie…

It’s A Wonderful Life.


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